I Have A Little Ball Under My Armpit Can It Be A Swollen Lymph Node?


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A ball under your armpit can be something as simple as an ingrown hair which is causing swelling, I get those sometimes and they will develop into a cyst, as the white blood cells are rushing there to repair the problem  I wouldn't worry about something terrible like cancer just yet,  the are glands in the armpit much like the one in your throat and neck which will swell when some type of infection is detected, like a cold, flu and as I said, in your armpit, may be something like an ingrown hair which often happens and sometimes can be recurring, there are these little stubborn ones who keep curling inwards.  If there is pain associated, the your gp. Doctor and have it checked out.  They will determine if it is serious and if you need a biopsy, or if drainage of the fluids is required.  The more you worry about something the worst it gets in your mind.  If you have strong concerns, of if condition persists or worsens, see a doctor as soon as you can.  Like I say, if it gets worse, don't put off and have it checked out
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Go to the doctor....whatever you fear is usually worse than the diagnosis. Depending on your age and health history..it is important to be checked....(please don't delay...breast cancer can start as a lump under the armpit)  it doesn't mean that you have it...it just means to get checked.  Good luck!
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Another reason this could be happening is there has been a boil that has developed under your armpit which is caused by a ingrowning hair or of course an infection. These can be very painful and if it is you need to get it drained right away. If there is reddness and a warm feeling to it will be another good indicater. In any case you do need to go to a Dr ASAP.
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Yes, it can.  It  may indicate that you have an infection of some sort.  I suggest you check with your medical doctor.

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