Found Swollen Lymph Node Under Left Arm. Should I Worry?


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My boyfriend has the same thing, it is swollen and it hurts... Does anyone know what this is or what it is caused from and what we can do to make it go away?? Thank you!
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How long has it been there, has it gotten bigger, have you had recent infection, these are questions to consider before worrying about the lymph node, If it does not go away in a reasonable amount of time, or if it gets larger, please see your MD and ask for it to be biopsied.
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This is just for skin infection and it does not hurt you in any way so you must use some anti-biotic or allergic medicine to get rid of this lymph. Bathing with good anti-allergic soap would help you to get them.
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I had a this condition and so did a friend of mine. The doctor said not to worry. Sometimes it means you have a low white count in your blood or some kind of bacteria in your body. Both of ours went a way on their own after couple weeks to a month. On the other hand my aunt passed away from cancer from a lump under her armpit. If in doubt, best to have it checked by a doctor just to be safe.
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Swollen lymphnode under the armpit(the axilla)is a sure sign of cancer(most likely melanoma)if it is already in the lymph system (any lymphnode)then it is already in it's late stage.You need a real doctor (not a general practitioner)to check it out.Most doctors say they know how to diagnose cancer but they don't.I had a similar condition and my doctor took his time screwing around,by the time he sent me to an onocologist(a doctor who knows what he is doing)It was too late.A swollen lymphnode in the armpit is a sure sign of cancer.I HATE DOCTORS!!!

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