What Are The Most Common Symptoms Of Liver Diseases?


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Although the main symptom of a liver disease is having a pain in the abdomen, passing light colored stool and having an excess urination, but there are many other common types of symptoms by which a person can get an indication about having a liver disease.

These can include having severe headaches, feeling dizzy and tired and even having red itchy eyes. The eyes can even turn yellow in the case of jaundice and even the skin and nails become yellow if it is some sort of hepatitis.

People can even develop skin problems, skin disorders and allergies to a lot of things. A patient of a liver disease can experience tremors, spasms in the muscles and even ticks. Some people have hormonal changes and start feeling irritated and angry at every thing. Depression and mood swings will also be noticed in patients with liver disease.

The person having a liver disease will feel no energy at all and will have difficulty in walking and even talking at times when it is a severe liver disease. The stomach will ache a lot if any movement is made thus making the person feel weak.

There will be a severe loss of appetite and some people can loose large amounts of weight while getting treated for their liver disease.
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