How Long Is Pink Eye Contagious After The Drops Are Started?


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Pink eye is really a type of growth on the rim area of your lid. Sounds like you may have something in your eye, or under/caught in the rim of your eyelid. Hubby gets them all the time, tiny pieces of slag. Use an eyewash, don't rub. If no help in 12 hours, see an eye doc right away.
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It could be pink eye but a dr would have to verrify that. You could allergies to something something live hay fever/animals like cat or dog if the redness goes away thats most likley what it is some kind of allergy. I had pink eye once. It stayed red not pink for almost a week. And it was more then irritation it actually hurt. You can have allerg to plants and flowers out side too.
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After the drops are started, it's 24 hours..then it's no longer contagious
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Yep that's "pink eye" or conjunctivitis and you should get checked out by your doctorr who will prescribe antibiotic eye drops to clear up the infection.
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You are contagious for 24 hours after antibiotics you will be free but still have to take your meds
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It   is  contagious  the  whole  stage
of   having  the  illness  , You  got
to  keep  your  towels  and wash
cloths  away  from  others  until
the  pink  eye  clears  up

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