The other day out of nowhere I started having this pain in my lower abdomen, right side to be specific. Now the pain seems more pronounced to the right of my belly button. The pain has gradually increased and now my right leg feels rather weak. Why?


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I used to suffer from exactly a similar condition. Just that my pain started from left side. So I did some research and came across this site called mediangels which gave me loads of info. You can check it out as well. Here's a quick glance of the research material regarding your condition though. There are a few things in your right lower quadrant that can cause pain. This is the area where resides your colon, kidney drainage system and ovary (in women). Ovarian pain is common in the middle of your cycle as the ovary ruptures a follicular cyst preparatory to expelling an "egg". In young women this is the most common cause for this type of pain, although any process involving your ovary or tube can cause this. Second would be inflammation or spasm of the colon. These are usually seen after age 40, but occasionally earlier. Third would be a kidney stone or inflammation of the tube between the kidney and the bladder called the ureter. Get yourself checked at the earliest instead of guessing what is wrong with you.

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