I Have A Puff Under My Eyes. Can You Suggest Any Remedies To Help Me Get Rid Of It?


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Puffy eyes, in most of the cases, are a result of hereditary problem. However, in some cases, it may stem from going through intoxication process as well as accumulation of waste products in the body. There is no over night formula to get rid off this problem, but well one can follow few techniques to minimize the problem.

If you are having puffy eyes, first try to realize the reason behind it. It may be developed from a variety of reasons. You may have gone through inadequate sleep for quite a number of days. Or may be you are facing too much stressor now-a-days. It may also stem from an improper, unhealthy diet. Sometimes, you may experience puffy eyes as a result of allergic reaction or crying. Consumption of alcohol is of course another reason to have puffy eyes.

So, try not to repeat those actions that actually contribute to the development of puffy eyes, like not having enough sleep or running after unhealthy food or facing too much tension or stress in life. Be careful about your own allergic condition and try to control over your emotion. Apart from that, have plenty of fresh water throughout the day. Follow some eye exercise by consulting with your health practitioner.

Use some homely technique like applying clean cotton soaked with rose water over the closed eyes, splashing eyes with cold water, putting cucumber or potato slices under the eyes, etc.

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