How Can I Get Rid Of Puffy Eyes After Crying?


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Sliced cucumbers can help. Just lay them over your eyes for a few minutes, the longer the more effective. It may not totally remove the puffy because that is a natural effect of crying. I think you should look up ways not to cry to begin with, as there are many ways. Clear your mind of what you are upset about. Try humming a song and only thinking of the words, or think of a funny memory. Google ways not to cry and you will find many. Hope this helps!
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You might need to watch out some home remedies that are shown to be safe and effective for puffy eyes after crying.

1. Avocado

For many people, tiredness is the main reason triggering dark circles under the eyes. After crying, all you need are slices of ripe avocado under each eye then directly apply the paste of ground almonds over your eyes.

2. Cold milk

Regular application of cold milk can also work well in decreasing the dark circles as well as to soothes your eyes and skin. With the help of a cotton ball, you can directly place it in a bowl of cold milk then directly apply the cotton ball. You need to make sure that it covers the entire eye to get the best result. Besides, you also need to rinse off well with water.

3. Spoon

Why not? Here is how I apply spoon to get rid of my puffy eyes from crying.

All you need is two metal teaspoons then keep them in cold running water for a few minutes. Then you should lie down on your bed or the couch to place the bowls of the spoons over your eyelids and wait for it to warm up again then replace with new ones on each eyes. Practise this action on regular basis will works wonders in alleviating the dark circles.

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