I Feel Something Hard In My Ass Why?


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Barry LeMoine answered
If your being serious I'm a doctor. It could possibly be hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids is a disease in your rectum that will grow and keep on growing if you don't get it treated. I suggest seeing a doctor immediately about it. If it starts to itch a bit then you are to late. You will actually have to stay in the hospital for the rest of your life. Its not pretty.

Or if you decided to do something stupid like stick anything inside and letting it go? That will need treated quick to if you cannot poop it back out.

I'm pretty sure you may have found out what it was now since this was a year ago but I'm just here to help every body out have a great day
BJCCS KRP answered
If your girlfriend is April then she left that broom handle up there and now its stuck. You better have that removed.

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