I bit the inside of my cheek REALLY hard multiply times that its sore and is cut inside. What do I do to help my cheek heal?


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An old trick to heal cuts and sores  is to take a small cotton ball or pad and dampen it with whiskey or any other alcohol and place into your mouth covering the cut for 10-15 minutes and it will numb it down for a couple hours. And you can do this multiple times a day but you also need to clean it multiple times a day to keep out bacteria spreading through the walls of the cheek and it will soon heal. Hope this helps!
P.S don't go too crazy on the alcohol! ;)
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Aimee Brooksbank
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Ur welcome!!! :3 Did it work? Im not totally sure this actually works because it is an ancient treatment I found out in a book a long time ago.
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It acually does becauz the alchol kills the germs and cleans it! Weird huh?
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Well weird dat alchol is the key

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