I Have Been Very Weak With A Sore Throat For Six Days And Now Have Discovered That The Insides Of My Cheeks Are Severely Swollen, So Much So, They Are In Between My Teeth. Is This More Than The Flu?


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There are any number of illnesses that could present with the symptoms you describe, from Allergies to Mumps, either way a Dr. Should be treating you. Things with the capability of constricting airways should be taken very seriously.
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If there are no blister in your mouth then it is not herpes. It can be bacterial infection. Take strong antibiotic for upper respiratory infection like Augmentin along with some anti allergy like Rigix for 5 days. Go for gargles daily before going to bed.
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Thanks, I finally broke down and went to the doctor and was prescribed a Z-PAC. Wow, what a difference! Thanks for your input, yes I had a bacterial infection.

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