My Sister Is Having Bad Stomach Pain Right Below Her Boobs And Also Feels Bloated And Doesnt Feel Good After She Eats. Is This An Ulcer Or What?


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Well, don't let it get worse, get to the doctor to make sure that it isn't an ulcer, or something else. You should never take a chance with the stomach area. My husband thought his stomach was the problem at one point in time, turned out he had pancreatitis, and nearly died from it. He had a bloated feeling, and couldn't keep anything down. Make your sister do to the doc. Hope this helps, good luck to you and your sis.
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This could be a number of things...constipation,gas.....more serious ulcers or cysts,if it continues or gets worse, I would suggest she see a dr.
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It could be. It could also be heartburn... Try tums, and if it doesn't work,  I'd recommend seeing the doctor and get it checked out.
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If it is paining too much then she should get injection of voveran. Its painful but very effective.

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