I was born with the palms of my hands & the top of my chest really red. It has stayed that way throughout my life & never lessens. I have went to several Doctors in my lifetime & not 1 can answer me what it is?


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You say that the palms of your hands and the top of your
chest are 'really red'. It could be that you have a condition known as erythema palmare hereditarium, or red palms. 

This condition means that
the sufferer has red palms form birth and it runs in families. In fact, the
word 'hereditarium' means 'hereditary.' The redness caused by the condition
covers the palm but ends suddenly at the wrist - there's no blurred area. 

skin is not scaly or dry - it is smooth and, when pressure is applied,
pigmentation fades and the skin goes white as you might expect it to.

You may find it helpful to talk to a
specialist dermatologist about your condition. You may also like to ask
family members if they have had similar problems with red palms.

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