What Is Surgery For Bladder Extension?


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The most common type of surgery which is performed by doctors on patients who wish to go in for bladder extension surgery is known as the bladder advancement extension graft technique. The bladder advancement extension graft technique was developed for the purpose of providing a method which was reliable and safe.

When a patient opts to go in for the bladder advancement extension graft technique, the doctor creates an extra length of bladder in continuation to the original length of the bladder of the patient (which already exists).

This is done so that, irrespective of whether the extensions have or have not been grafted, the Boari flap and the psoas hitch procedures would reach up to a sufficient height so that it can routinely permit the procedures to take place. This ensures that either the significant proximal ureteric deficiencies can be accommodated easily or the whole of the ureter can be easily replaced.

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