What Happens If Gallbladder Not Removed?


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Many times, gallbladder disease can be managed with diet. I manage mine. Low fat or pay the price. There is always the possibility, however, that one can have an acute gallbladder attack and require emergency surgery. If you are asking about yourself, I would recommend you talk to your doctor about how to best manage the symptoms -- and whether or not he thinks it's in your best interest to do so. Here's a link from Medline with lots of great information:
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If nothing is wrong with it nothing will happen. If you have big gall stones it could get inflamed and burst , then you would have to have emergency surgery .If you don't  you will die .
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My father has a stone in gallbladder of 8mm calculus.His age is 70yrs and doctors told that at that age he may have problems to remove stones,is any problem if we don't remove stones in gallbladder.

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