What Are The Different Types Of Warts?


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I have a lot of warts on my body. They are mainly on my back and some on my chest and stomach. My parents both suffered with the same problem, my mother in particular.
They are unsightly and I would like to know how best to treat them.
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There are actually several different types if warts. There are common warts, flat warts, plantar's warts, and filiform warts. A common wart is usually found on your hand, foot, elbow, knee, or finger. It is a small, hard, round wart that is usually greyish-brown in color. A flat wart is also called a juvinile wart because it is commonly found on children. Flat warts are very small in size and usually have a more smoother texture than a common wart. The flat wart is usually pinkish, brownish, or yellowish in color. Some children will get flat warts on their face, but they are more common found on the fingers, hands, and feet. A plantar's wart is one that is found on the bottom of the foot. The plantar's wart usually grows under the skin and feel like a small pebble. The filiform warm is finger-shaped and fleshy in color. Filiform warts usually grow in or on the mouth and around the eyes and nose.

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