I'm 18 and I have autism and it makes my life a living hell as I have no job, no friends, no hobbies and nothing to live for. I feel like my life gets worse while everyone else's gets better. What can I do?


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I'm sorry you're feeling as if your life is hopeless. Most of us go through this stage as we move from adolescence to adulthood. Your transition is going to be a little harder with your autism. However, there is help out there for you, if you reach out and ask for it.

I've put a link to the National Autism Society - it will connect you to local help that can assist you in your transition. Lots of young people do find it difficult to find a job. It took my son three years of active looking, and he didn't have autism working against him.

I won't argue that you're treating differently by some people because you're autistic, which does make it difficult to make friends. However, I believe this organization can bring you help. They have support groups for just about everybody in this day and age. All you have to do is to be willing to ask for help and work hard for the things that you want to accomplish. Good luck, my friend.

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