I'm getting sick! My throat is scratchy so I'm coughing and I can feel the saliva I swallow getting mucousy, and I just started sneezing. Any fool proof home remedies??? Go!


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Not much you can do to cure it but chicken soup and a few days of sleep and rest always helps me.

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Many years ago a doctor told me that whenever I feel the build up of mucus, just start drinking water........lots of water, water all the time.  It thins things out and you don't get the cough or nausea that often follows. 

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Cod liver oil capsules.

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A piece of ginger dipped in honey. Keep it in your mouth as a lozenge. Ginger is anti inflammatory and analgesic. It will sooth your throat

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I read that the thing to do is to cooperate with the many built-in factors that the body has to protect itself from injurious viruses. If these are in good condition, they will most likely fight off most of the ordinary cold viruses. So get more rest, go to bed early, avoid undue stress and excitement and perhaps cut down on your eating. Try a bland diet that consists of fruit and vegetable juices and vegetable soups that do not contain meat or seasonings. As one physician put it: “Sleep well, eat well, avoid getting chilled. Take care of yourself, and you’ll rarely catch cold.” Feel better, Get well soon!

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