Can You Overcome The Swine Flu Without Medication?


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I'm not to sure... I have all the symptoms of what they call the swine flu. I have stayed home the past four days and my chills, fever, cough, body aches have gone away but I still have some diarrhea. But its been four days and I have have stayed home and use Advil and drink hot tea, gatorade, and eating soup. Like I said its been four days and I'm feeling so much better, despite the constant diarrhea. However, two weeks ago I was diagnosed with tonsillitis and was treated extensively with antibiotics. So, I might be experiencing a secondary infection? Whichever it may be it so hard to tell right now with allergies and seasonal flu and then virus's now H1N1!? So, I'm getting better, I highly doubt that I have the virus, but I wanted to be safe so I stayed home. And I have no health insurance and I wasn't going to pay for another clinic or hospital bill again.

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