What Causes Migraine Headaches,dizziness And Nausea All At The Same Time My Doctor Doesn't Think Anything Is Wrong?


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I had the same symptoms. What its called is a severe migraine attack. That means you have sort of throbbing in your head with dizziness. Some nausea have been confirmed but it can be the things you eat that are causing this and red wine,, another is also stress you think you aren't but there is always something that we are stressing about. What my doc told me to do is keep a book in what I was eating, I found out that red wine, avocados and peanuts where causing my migraine headaches as well as my stress and make sure that you are drinking water the migraine can also be from frequent constipation.
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I would get yourself checked out, I have frequent migraines, and have been told by a specialist that dizziness, nausea are more major then a regular migraine, also being trained in first aid, it is not a good thing when this is happening all of them at the same time. Best to be checked out.!
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Really bad headaches cause them, light sensitivity to eyes and sound. Your dr know best you can take excedrine migraine medicine or the dr can provide something like immotrex

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