Does Anyone Know What Could Be Causing My Daily Chronic Headaches/migraines?


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May I ask if you are under a lot of stress?  Do you get enough quality sleep at night?  All I can offer you is the experience of two of my friends that suffered from severe migraines.  One lady was so stressed out on a constant basis, and she decided to seek counseling from her church's pastoral counseling program, and then went to a biofeedback type of treatment.  The other person was my brother, who ended up quitting his job because of the pain everyday, and it turned out he had sleep apnea.  He's now on a CPAP machine at night, and only has the migraines once in a great while.
I sincerely hope you can find a solution to your painful headaches, and that it is soon.  Meantime, I will keep you in my prayers for this, and wish you the best in finding out how to alleviate the pain.
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Many things can cause migraine headaches.  Such as, allergies, certain foods or drinks, certain smells like cigarette smoke and perfumes.  Bright glaring light, and sunlight, extreme high heat, stress, fatigue you just really need to keep a diary- time of headache, what you had eaten, drank, or done earlier, etc.  God bless.
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I think it may be a stress and your body does not accept that stress and headache becomes out of control. With meds what i can suggest you to be relaxed all the time even at the time of great trouble. I know it is much difficult but nothing is impossible for a man.he can do everything if he has spirit.first, you will feel i am silly to tell you to be relaxed in the great pain but believe it will be fruitful and after sometimes you will feel better.may be it could help you to win over the pain.God Bless You.
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If you can find a yoga group or teacher this could improve some of your every day stress and just the stress of daily living,you would be surprise to know simple things that come natural that we don't do correctly, ie,breathing etc. Hope this helps and gives you some relief.......Peace
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My headaches were caused by plastic food and beverage containers. Apparently some chemicals in the plastic migrate into the food. It took me years to figure this out. Avoiding foods and beverages that are packaged in plastic has eliminated my headaches almost entirely. This includes canned foods that have white lining in the cans, by the way. I get massive headaches from consuming foods from those cans.

If you are taking lots of headache medication, those pills can also cause a cycle of recurring headaches. This phenomenon is well documented. Best to try to find what caused the headache in the first place. Good luck!
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I saw on the news that if you watch TV or go on the computer after 4:00 There's a chance that you could get a bad sleep. I guess if you got a bad sleep you could get a bad headache, it happens to me sometimes.
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Eight years huh? Is that about the time you got married? Just kidding! Do you smoke? My dad had the same symptoms back in the early 70's to the point where he wished he would die. He was hospitalized for two weeks. He quit smoking in 78' and hasn't had an episode yet. No more migraines and he feels like a new man. Pills are a cover up. They don't fix the problem just make the doctors wallet fat.
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I like that answer about being married. You have a great sense of humor
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My husband was having bad headaches daily, to the point that any kind of light would trigger it.. Nothing worked for him.. But later tests showed optical nerve swelling in both his eyes... It was so painful until he had the testing done, now he is fine and uses cannabis under a doctors care in the state of ca that allows it under the laws of SB420 and compassionate use act prop 215.. He tried everything until he found that this works for him.. Talk to you doctor and have them check for optical nerve swelling... Because this is what showed for my husband... I am sure there are other medications you can try to ease your pain... Good luck...
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I'm not a doctor but i tell you doctors can push one to many medication into your system. I suggest that you start taking natural herbs rather than a whole lot of poison. I watch this program on tv about health and they mention that most of our headaches and pain can be cause by fungus in your body, doctors will not tell you these natural remedies because they will not have their luxury house and cars. So i suggest to go into herbs like this one call beta glucan. Do some research in the vitamin store or etc.....  or pray for knowledge
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  I also use to suffer with the same problem until  i read a book [dont remember the name of the book] that finally gives me some answers.

  The main cause is clot in the blood, which causes the blood not to flow freely threw the vains ,there-fore thats where you start feeling the pains.

     this is what i do, i cut off all dairy products for eg; milk ,cheese etc.try to eat less grease foods , pastry and other junk food  or fast food. Avoid drinking cold water and try to stay away from the A.C as well. Drink plenty of water and get your 8hrs sleep. Hope this help you as it help me.DONT FOR GET TO PRAY ABOUT IT
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Are you taking pain meds or Migraine abortives more than two or three days a week? If so, they could be causing rebound headaches and making things worse.

How well do you sleep? If you're not getting good sleep, that could be part of the problem.

Good luck,

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