I Am A Diabetic Can I Drink Rum And Diet Coke?


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Completley false  you can enjoy an achoholic drink.  Drink clear booze with sugarless mixers like soda water, water, or diet tonic water.  You can live a normal life and be diabetic!
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Really don't know too much about alcohol comsumption. I think alcohol is perfectly safe to drink if you have diabetes.I'm not sure of the interactions between alcohol and meds used to treat T2,.
You can talk to your doctor about it.

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It is alright if you are having it once in a while. You
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Do you get allergy type symptoms only when you drink beer, then you could be allergic to yeast. Symptoms can be sneezing, itchy throat, itchy eyes, stuffy nose to even throwing up. You could be allergic to the yeast in beer. Though if you don’t have these symptoms with bread then you could possibly be allergic to the hops, malt, wheat or barley in beer depending on what ingredients the certain beer was made from. If you find yourself having these allergic symptoms with a certain beer, you can try a different brand of beer. Beers can also change their ingredients at times without your knowing it, so if for years you drank one beer and then you get these symptoms, try changing to a different beer.I recommend you Gluten free diet through this you get instant of knowledge about Gluten free diet benefits .

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I agree I am a type I diabetic and I love rum and diet coke, makes you more drunk quicker and longer due to artificial sweeteners
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Yes,the diet coke but not the rum cause you r diabetic that's y if you want to keep health you should stay away from rum and other sweet stuff.
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Absolutely not! Alcoholic drinks are loaded with sugar. It could make your blood sugar go sky high.
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Yes because whenever I have it I note down my blood suger in 2-3 hrs its normal
and next day also its normal unless I have taken something sweet ....
Don't drink empty stomach have some nonveg

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