What Are The First Signs Of Diabetes?


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Diabetes is a condition in which the body is not able to utilize the glucose obtained from the food we consume to generate energy to be used by various body cells. The glucose instead remains in the blood stream and can lead to various complications involving different organs and life processes.

The symptoms of diabetes are not easily apparent until it has progressed though certain signs of its development are perceptible. An excessive thirst where one has not performed any activity is one of the first sign of diabetes.

Other signs are frequent urination especially during the night, feeling of fatigue after any slight activity, feeling hungry constantly, and a desire to eat sweet foods.

Some other symptoms are blurred vision, feelings of nausea and vomiting, sweet smelling breath, slow healing of wounds and most importantly sudden and unaccounted weight loss.

If one observes or experiences any of the above symptoms one should visit one's physician and also get one's blood sugar levels checked.
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can you get light headed
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Well I get really dizzy, blurry vision, go to the bathroom a lot (i just went 4 times in 45 min),I have a hungry feeling, and I've been drinking a lot! Of water! So should I be concerned?
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Symptom one: Increased appetite
As large amount of urine sugar are lost, sufferers of Diabetes Mellitus may feel hungry all the time. They may have to eat much more foods to meet the demand of their body. Some people may eat five to six meals everyday and even so, they still feel hungry.
Symptom two: Frequent urination
High level of glucose in the blood will increase excretion of glucose by the kidneys. Glucose will take more and more water with it, so patients suffering from <a href="">Diabetes Mellitus</a> usually have frequent urination. Their urine volume usually is thousand to five thousand milliliters per day. In serious cases, the urine volume may achieve as much as one thousand milliliter a day.
Symptom three: Extreme thirst
As patients with Diabetes have frequent urination, so they are easy to feel thirsty. To quench their thirst, they always drink a lot of water and other beverages. Moreover, drinking is proportional to urination.
Symptom four: Weight loss
Because of insufficiency of insulin, glucose existing in our blood can not be fully used, which makes our body decompose fat and protein to replenish energy and heat. Reducing of large amount of fat and protein as well as great loss of water will make sufferers from Diabetes Mellitus have less body weight. Usually, the longer they suffer from Diabetes Mellitus, the thinner the sufferers are.
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After I eat I get really tired I eat a small meal and I still get tired but I so much energy to burn but if I eat sweets I get dizzy and want  to vomit  I try to stay a way from sweet cause my mom had type 2 diabetes
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My son was 2years old when he developed diabetes, the first signs we noticed were-
Sore bum, very sensitive to certain foods, he would guzzle loads of water I couldn't give him enough. His behaviour also changed he became emotionally unstable the slightest thing would send him into a tantrum. His weight plummeted really quickly in a short space of time and he would be very drowsy after exercise. These are my sons symptoms and every individual can be different if you suspect you have it, go to the doctor asap it is a very simple urine test takes no time at all. Better to be safe than sorry.
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Loss of balance extremely thirsty all the time but also wanting to go to the toilet all the time this condition can kill you if not controlled properly and needs to be monitored on a regular basis
I have diabetes type 1 and I know. You drink 2-3 liters of water per day, you eat very much, you go to the toilet very usually (especially at night), you feel de-hydrated, you lose very much weight and you are hypersensitive. These are the common signs of diabetes.
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Extreme thirst

Frequent urination

Extreme hunger

Weight loss

Frequent infections

Slow wound healing

Blurry vision

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Major symptoms of diabetes are:
  • Polyuria – urge to urinate frequently and in large quantities.
  • Polydipsia – have frequent and increased thirst.
  • Polyphagia – have frequent and increased appetite.

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