Why Do I Keep Getting Cold Sores?


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There are many things that can trigger a cold sore. . Many of these factors seem to correlate with time periods when a person's immune system would be expected to be weakened or stressed.

Emotional upset and stress.
Physical stress and fatigue.
Illnesses (including a cold or the flu).
Injury to the lips or skin, such as physical trauma or severe chapping.
Injury to the lips from excessive exposure to bright sunlight or ultraviolet lamps.
Menstruation or pregnancy.
An immune system deficiency.

To help avoid these it is suggested that a person get plenty of rest, drink lots of water, and avoid stress as much as you can.
The last one seems to be the one which might be difficult to control.
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The virus that causes cold sores, can lay dormant in the cells of the body , and be triggered by life events such as, ongoing
stress, tiredness, lack of correct nutrients, hormonal changes, and is generally an indication of an immunity that is not at its best.
The herpes simplex virus is the cause, and can stay dormant until triggered.
Some people have cold sores recurring every few months, this can be a real nuisance, painful and embarrassing.
It is said that at least 60% of the population has this virus and has suffered from one or more outbreaks of the blisters, normally on the mouth.
There are antiviral treatments, that need to be prescribed by a doctor, that can be taken at the onset ,to minimise the sores development into an itchy burning hell,
There are also topical creams that can be applied.
Generally, however you can take comfort in the fact that ,once the blister appears, the virus is at its peak, and things will improve after that.
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Cold sores are painful swellings on the edge of the lips or the entry to the nose that develop into an unsightly open spot that crusts over. They are common in cold weather, when the skin at the edge of the lips cracks because it dries out, leaving damaged areas that can become infected.

The organism that causes cold sores is a virus, herpes simplex type I. It infects the skin causing a small cluster of small blisters that weep and crust before fading a few days later. The virus, like many viruses, stays in the body, becoming latent in the nerves and so can recur at regular periods after the first infection.

Release of the virus can be triggered by several factors including other infections, trauma (such as dried out cracked skin), emotional upset or, in some cases, exposure to sunlight.

The virus can also affect other parts of the body – when it infects the skin on the fingers it is known as a whitlow and it can also cause ulceration of the cornea and a serious brain infection, although this is rare.
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I never use to get cold sore but one every 2-4 years. Lately I have been getting them once a month or so. The only thing I can see that might have a hand in it is I recently started my hormone patch again for my menopause. I was unable to change my patch for 5 days then 2 days later I had a cold sore. These are really p-in me off, I am seriously contemplating quitting my hormone patches.
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I keep getting cold sores, I think because of my drug use.
I never get them this bad
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I always get really bad cold sores and not just 1 at a time it could be up to five at a time, Has anybody got any tips?
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I usually get a cold sore every six to eight months, I got one twice in a month.  My stress level is very low, I live a pretty healthy lifestyle.. I"m not sure what trigered it, but it's very annoying and yes very embarrassing.
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I'm 17wks pregnant n constantly keep gettin cold sores wot can I do 2 stop gettin then so often
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Abreva is very good for quick relief of cold sores. Ive used it several times and it works.
If you feel it (cold sore) coming up before in the form of tingling, itching, redness you can ice it  or drink an ice cold class of milk.
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I have one right now, in fact. XD

I get them...maybe 2-3 times a year.

I'm healthy, and I think it's probably because of the workload I get from school that's causing me to sleep late.

Anyways, a remedy I've been told that works effectively is the steam that comes from a boiling kettle- I'm going to try that tomorrow.
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I had the same problem im 15 years old. I went to see a doctor what they said is its a stage. Basically you get them and they go away after a certain period of time. I would get them 1-2 times a month. Try herpcin L, trust me it works within 2 days my cold sores were gone.I recommend you Mouth ulcer home remedy through this you get instant of knowledge about how mouth ulcer relief .

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I also always get cold sores. 1 every month or so . The problem is I'm only 13 and I have gotten them since I was even littler what do I do

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