What Is Arthritis?


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Arthritis refers to the inflammation in the joints of two bones. Inflammation refers to the response that the body produce as a result of injury. During inflammation, excess body fluid is directed towards the affected region which eventually causes swelling. This is true that the secretion of fluid is meant to aid the injury, hence the swelling for most of the injury is momentary, whereas the inflammation caused as the effect of arthritis is a prolonged issue.

Now to understand the cause of arthritis, we should first focus on knowing about the functionality of a joint. A joint is an area that that is wrapped in a network known as synovium. The synovium consists of fluids known as synovial fluid is responsible for easing out the movements of the bones. On the other hand, at the joint, the bones are covered by cartilage, a smooth material, that helps the bone to move against each other. Each and every components mentioned above may play significant role in arthritis.

There are two most common types of arthritis –

• Osteoarthritis – this happens because of the constant wearing away of cartilages in the joint area.
• Rheumatoid arthritis – this happens because of the inflammation of the synovium.
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It is an inflammation of the bones and of joints that eats away and dete iors the joints

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