I Am Getting A Light Colored Stool, Feel Bloated And I Am Having Excess Urination. My Friend Says These Are All Symptoms Of A Liver Disease. Is This True?


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I had these same symptoms a few weeks ago. They went on for a week,maybe two and then one morning I woke up with extreme pain in my right side that would get better and then worse again for two days. Finally, I went to the Dr. And he sent me for an ultrasound. When the ultrasound doctor looked at the pictures, I was sent to the hospital immediately for an emergency gall bladder  removal. I was told that I had only a few days before I would have either died or been in a coma as my gall bladder was full of gangrene and thousands of small stones and was already seeping gangrene out into my body. It was about to burst and I had to have the large incision because the dr, was afraid it would burst if pulled out by laparoscopic surgery. All circulation was cut off and the gall bladder was completely decayed. The first thing I realized (other than extreme pain) after awaking from surgery was that I no longer had the terrible breath that I had experienced during the time of the symptoms you describe. This too, I was told, is a symptom of gall bladder or liver disease. If these symptoms continue, please see your doctor immediately.  I am so glad that I did.
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Your symptoms could mean a lot of other things other than liver problems. Please consult with your family doctor and have some blood work done.
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The only way to say for sure is to go to gi doctor
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First of all I would suggest you to go to a proper doctor who will examine you and take some tests. Once the test results come out the doctor will be able to tell you if it is a liver disease that you have.

Although, all the symptoms you have mentioned are definitely some of the indications of a person having a liver disease so you should be very careful. Light colored stool is a result of the biliary duct being prohibited from secreting normal bile pigments in to the intestine due to shortening of bile production or duct obstruction. Thus it leads the stool to be light in color and lack in pigmentation.

You must be experiencing improper bowel movements too along with difficulty in passing the stool. If there is an infection in the liver or the gallbladder it will always result in light colored stool mainly because of lack of biles.

A bloated stomach is one of the main symptoms of liver disease. Even when you go to the doctor the first thing he will do is check for any bloating in the stomach and when he will press your stomach you will feel a pain. This is due to ascites and hepatomegaly. At times you might even have difficulty in breathing.

Passing excess urination is a result of having excess thirst which is also a sign of liver disease but it can be a symptom of any other disease. However it would be advisable for you to check up with a doctor and confirm if the disease prevails.

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