Do Genital Warts Caused By Hpv Itch?


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Yes, itching can result from genital warts. Genital warts are caused by a sexually transmitted virus. It virus is called HPV. It can affect genital areas of both male and female and mouth. Symptoms of genital warts are
  1. Flesh colored swelling in genital area
  2. Sometimes, several warts combine together in cauliflower shape
  3. Itching in genital area
  4. Bleeding during intercourse
Use of some medicines prescribed by doctor and surgery are options for treatment. Sometimes, these warts are self treated.
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They can believe it or not I as surprised
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Yes they can burn and also itch.
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I agree with the previous answers. Genital warts can indeed itch! And they get so bothersome when they do. A friend of mine treated her warts by using oxyfend zerowarts. She said it was a great relief after using it. :)

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