How Do You Know If You Have Ringworm?


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The most obvious sign of ringworm infection is the presence of scaly-looking patches of skin.

The patches are often reddish in color, and are usually very itchy.

If you're worried about ringworm, here is some important information you'll be interested in:

How can I tell if I've got ringworm Ringworm is basically a fungal infection that affects the skin.

The type of fungus involved is called a dermatophyte. This type of fungus feeds on a substance called keratin. Keratin is present in the skin, nails and hair of humans.

The spores that cause infection are actually quite tough, and can survive in a number of different environments for a long period of time.

You can tell if you've got ringworm by looking out for the following symptoms:

Symptoms of ringworm
Ringworm is most commonly known for causing itchy, red blotches to appear on the skin.

In actual fact, there are several types of common ringworm infections- all the following conditions are caused by the ringworm fungus:

  • Scalp ringworm
  • Athlete's foot
  • Jock Itch
  • Body ringworm
  • Fungal nail
Symptoms in each case will vary slightly, so I'd recommend you look at an in-detail description of each one on the dedicated NHS site to find out which one you might be suffering from.

As with any medical conditions, contacting your healthcare provider is always the best course of action!
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Ringworm is caused by a fungus, and shows itself in dry scaly patches or blister-like elevations on the scalp, arms and feet with itching and burning.

Antifungal ointments will help, but see a doctor to be sure it is ringworm.

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