What Would Happen If You Didnt Have Any White Blood Cells?


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White blood cells are allotted the function to fight against infection. These cells are produced in bone marrow. Their normal levels in blood are 4300-10800.  Whenever, our body gets infection, these white blood cells try to fight against infection. So, white blood cells are part of our immune system.

In the absence of white blood cells, our body will be unable to fight against infection. This means weak or no immunity. Reduction in the number of white blood cells can cause weak immunity. In fatal disease called AIDS, immune system is destroyed and white blood cells are reduced markedly. So, in the absence of white blood cells, there will be no immunity.
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If you didn't have any white blood cells you would be very very sick because your white blood cells fight off germs and disease. So if I were you I would keep your blood cells unless you want to practically kill your0self slowly!!!!!

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