I Have A Red Circle On My Face, And Was Wondering If You Can Only Have Ringworm On One Part Of Your Body?


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  • Ringworm is a skin infection which is caused by fungus. Ringworm on the face is the worst type. It is caused by Dermatophytes fungi and is called tinea faciei. No one would want to come near you due to risk of the infection. Generally old people are more prone to having ringworm. Young people with weak immune systems too can get ringworm.
  • The most common types of ringworm are around the thigh or groin area, on the spaces between fingers and toes. It is more common in men rather than women. Ringworm is a contagious disease. It spreads by contact, sharing things with the infected person, sharing towel, comb, clothes, etc.
  • Ringworm causes itchiness which results in a rash. It might be the shape of a ring, but not necessarily. Sometimes there is an oval rash or just a dark red rash in the area. This infection can be cured easily. You can buy creams which are readily available at the chemist and treat the infection in your home. You must keep on applying the cream till the time the ringworm is completely eradicated. It will be cured in 4 to 5 days.
  • However, if after application of the cream the ringworm does not become cured, then you need to check with your doctor. The doctor might give you pills to kill the fungus and some cream too. In case you don't go to the doctor, you might get infected with bacteria, which will make the situation worse. You will then have to take antibiotics along with creams to treat your ringworm.
  • It's said that prevention is better than cure. To avoid ringworm you must take care of yourself. Cleanliness and hygiene are a must. Sleep well and exercise regularly. Include leafy vegetables and fruits in your diet. This will help you to keep all diseases and infections at bay.
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You might have ringworm according to what you are describing. Ringworm can be transmitted by contacting people, pet who has ringworm, or even the objects used by them. It takes 4-1o days for ringworm of the skin to appear after contact. At beginning, its like a flat, round patch, and gradually it would develop into the shape of ring. If you are concened, pls go to the doctor to get fungus-killing medicine. Hope you get better soon!

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