Stage 3-4 Lymphoma What Is The Life Expectancy?


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Up to 10 years without proper treatment. Treatment consisting of chemotherapy coupled with radiation therapy is likely to cure the patient of all symptoms in most cases.
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Nothing worked for my hubby docs said he was in clear. He told them he still had. It 6 months later the doc agreed it was there but to late for help .terminal they didnt recheck pet scan they thought was a phenenoma if they had he may still have been here
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I love my dog no matter what and will enjoy him until his last day with our family.  The lymphoma is slowly killing him and making him sleep so much and not want to eat and drink so much water.  I feel bad keeping him but on the other side he looks happy and I know he loves to be with me I just wish he looked better.  I will forever love you Yeyo and I know dogs are a mans best friend.
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I am so sorry about your dog, i know the heart wrentching experience, I gave my cat a blend of japanese mushrooms and herbs, to contain the tumor, it worked then i took her to the vet and they extracted it as by then it became manageable, she was ok and healthy for 8 months and then BOOM out of clear blue sky the tumor came back and she was gone in matter of weeks

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