Does Lectroject System Cure Herpes ? Has Any One Used This?


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I don't know if it is a scam, but as an immunologist, the language is very suspicious.  There are two statements made in the ad that are biologically incorrect:

1) That Acyclovir kills HSV host DNA.

2) That killing all of the awakened virus destroys the virus permanently.

Neither of the above statements are true.  Acyclovir is a Thymidine Kinase inhibitor.  This is an enzyme that is produced only when the viral DNA in the host cells (typically the dorsal root ganglion) is MAKING virus.  The Viral DNA is like a factory, and the virus is the product.  If the factory is not destroyed, new virus will continue to be produced.  This is the problem with Herpes in that Acyclovir can kill active virus and slow production, but it does not affect the factory in any way.  Therefore Alyclovir does NOT destroy "factory" viral DNA for the simple reason that this DNA is integrated into human DNA as part of the entire strand and the drug cannot distinguish these sequences from human.  For this reason, if millions of virions are produced, and all are killed, the factory remains to reproduce them again at a later date.  The only way to eradicate the disease is to kill the host cells or to invent a drug that can splice out the viral DNA sequence, re-splice the human DNA to it's original form, and target the Herpes DNA for destruction.  This is not as far-fetched as it sounds, but this feat is yet to be accomplished.
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The cure for herpes has not been discovered yet, and millions of people suffer from the Herpes simplex virus that can be activated by the sun, stress, or an impaired immune system. The blisters once they appear indicate that the peak of the condition has been reached, and after that the blisters which can appear on the lips(called cold sores) face or genitals need to stop weeping and dry up.

A new treatment that is advertised on the net called Choraphor,which is a topical antiseptic that is applied to the blisters and has had results which some people have called a cure, as they have had no repeat breakouts. You could go online and compare lectrojet and Choraphor and see which has the better testimonials and results.
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You are correct. Lectroject itself does not cure herpes, it delivers medication to the cell. The success or failure depends entirely on the medication used. Acyclovir interferes with the enzymes the virus needs for replication of DNA in cells and prevents the virus from multiplying. It is also incorporated into the virus DNA chain which terminates replication. In short we use words like kill, eliminate te describe this process. So antivirals kill viruses or stop viruses from multiplying.

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