How Long Can The Herpes Cold Sore Virus Live On An Inanimate Object?


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If the conditions were precisely right -- hot, damp, some human fluid (food source) present -- up to 8 hours. That's the best results in clinical lab settings, when they try to get it to colonise inanimate objects.

Most of the time, though, the virus is unlikely to last more than about 20 seconds away from the body.

The general scientific opinion is that there are no documented cases of anyone catching Herpes Simplex from an inanimate object.

Still, it's a good idea to avoid sharing things like lipsticks, drinking cups, food, etc. with people with active outbreaks.

The chances of getting it in a hot tub or jacuzzi are almost nil, because the chlorine should kill it, and the water would be too hot. A swimming pool, on the other hand, would be too cold (and heavily chlorinated).

A toilet seat is a poor medium for Herpes to lurk, unless the seat is soggy with urine, heated to body temperature and fluffy (so that it holds the fluid). And even then, a previous user would have needed to rub an open sore on the seat to possibly transmit the germs (anatomically, this isn't how most people actually interact with toilet seats).
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Cold sore virus is herpes simplex. There are 2 strains of herpes virus which can cause both oral and genital herpes. These are HSV1 and HSV2. Cold sores  are usually caused by HSV1. Transmission is by direct contact with the affected persons. Herpes virus can not live outside the host. It dies immediately. That is why herpes are not transmitted from toilet seats, contaminated door handles and other contaminated objects.
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Shingles usually breaks out on the face first.   And is contained on one side of the body.    You will have flu like symtoms and blistering that could look like a nasty pimple at first. Your glands and skin will be sore to the touch, just like there flu. If you have a fever check with your Doctor
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I think I may have shingles on my leg..please tell me if I can get shingles on my upper thigh in only two spots or will it spread to other parts of my body.

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