What Are The Similarities & Differences Between Borderline Personality Disorder & Multiple Personality Disorder?


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The most common characteristics of Borderline Personality disorder are the instability of moods, confusion about self-image. This can cause unusual kind of behavior and can disrupt family and work life.

The multiple personality disorder is now known as the dissociative Identity Disorder. A person suffering from this disorder might have a confused image of him and can act as many different identities, each with different traits and personality. This separate identity is called as “Alter”.

There may be intent of suicide in the people who suffer from both the disorders. There is a problem of self-image in both the disorders but it is relatively severe in the Multiple personality disorder. Both can lead to depression. Consultation to a psychiatrist is needed for both the disorders.

The confused self image usually leads to emotional confusion and stress in borderline personality disorder but in multiple personality disorder, the person shows many different personalities altogether. In borderline disorder, a person knows about his self-image problems and altered behavior but in multiple personality disorder, the person forgets that he acted like another personality at a particular time. There can be amnesia and hallucinations in multiple personality disorder while there are no such symptoms in the borderline personality disorder.

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That was a very detailed answer. I experience all the symptoms of BPD, in addition, visual hallucinations. When I'm alone, I 'talk' to the person in my head, I am able to see him, he responds to me and asks me questions which I in turn answer. At times, its a different person. However, though I know that the talk was a casual one, or maybe a long discussion about my daily worries, I tend to forget what was exactly discussed. At times, I have found myself in places, and wondered how I got there. Happened around 5 times, usually in the late hours of the night. I feel I have a different personality for different occasions, at work, I feel I've a different body language, voice and way of talking. With my close relatives, I'm different, and with my pets, entirely different. I'm an introvert and feel empty most of the time, and at times wonder what my body is doing, and for what purpose. My mind is sort of clouded, and its like looking at things through a cloud of dust. I'm in a very confused kind of state and I'm not sure whether this is just BPD.
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It might not only be BPD as the symptoms of several things are very closely related to each other in psychology. But instead of worrying about it without knowing exactly what the problem is, you should go to a psychiatrist and explain your symptoms. They would surely be able to help you get through it and in these kinds of cases, one may also need medicines. So it would be best to seek medical help so that you can get better. I hope you'll be able to work it out. Best of luck !!

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