The Jackson Pratt Drain Is What Is In My Husband And The Drainage Is Bloody, Is This Normal After Gall Bladder Surgery?


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It is normal that, after surgery, the drainage from a Jackson Pratt Drain will be bloody. After a few days, the blood should become less obvious and the drainage will become more of a yellow colour and decrease in quantity. If you are worried about the amount of blood in the drainage, or you feel that the drainage has been bloody for a longer period of time than suggested, it is sensible to check with your husband’s doctor and if necessary book an appointment for him.

It is advised to contact a doctor or caregiver if your husband has drainage fluid that is cloudy or foul-smelling, excessive swelling and red skin where the tube is attached. Additionally, other causes for concern include if he is in a lot of pain, or if the drainage tube or bulb is showing any cracks or leaks. You should contact the emergency services if your husband has a fever, the stitches come loose or the JP Drain comes out, if any bandages are soaked with blood or the bulb begins to fill quickly with pure red blood.

The Jackson Pratt Drain is intended to pull excess body fluid out of a patient with a constant suction. The flexible rubber bulb (the reason it is sometimes called a Jackson Pratt Bulb) is connected to an internal drainage tube. When the bulb plug is removed, the bulb can be squeezed and reattached to form suction in the drainage tubing. It is important to take good care of the Jackson Pratt Drain and keep the bandages clean and dry to ensure that the body does not get infected, make sure you always have some medical supplies to hand including cotton swabs, medical gloves, saline solution, gauze pads and surgical tape.
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It is better to consult your doctor as soon as possible because what you have reported, comes under the category of infections. In such cases antibiotics are used to control further issues .For further information please visit thislink.

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