What Are The Lung Cancer Symptoms?


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Up to 25% people who are diagnosed with lung cancer do not
show any symptoms at the time of diagnosis. However, there are a few symptoms
to be concerned of and if these occur, you should immediately consult your
doctor. Firstly, any worsening or prolonged cough is cause for concern and
should be checked out by your doctor. If you cough up blood, it is always an
issue of concern and should be checked out. Dull, aching pain in the chest (not
only the lungs but around them too) could be a sign of lung cancer and it is
better to consult your doctor over it.

People with lung cancer may also feel tired and short of breath. Some may even
experience wheezing. Also, in lung cancer patients, respiratory infections like
bronchitis keep on returning.

If the cancer spreads beyond the lungs (metastasis), then it may cause symptoms
of the organ they have spread to. Usually if it metastasis to the liver, there
are no symptoms initially. Spread to the bones may cause back pain, pain in the
ribs and legs.

In case it spreads to the brain, there may be difficulties in vision and
seizures may occur.

Other than these direct effects, lung cancer may also cause patients to feel
fatigued and weak. They may develop anemia and lose weight. The sodium levels
may be low in lung cancer patients and sometimes extra tissue is deposited
under the fingernails (clubbed fingers).
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Some of the symptoms of lung cancer can be shortness of breath, pain while breathing or coughing, lack of appetite, weight loss, tiredness and nausea, muscle weakness and skin rashes, white residue build up under the nails, and wheezing or hoarseness can be signs of inflammation of the lungs.
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The main symptoms are:
1: There is Blood in Cough.
2: A person breathes faster.
3: Patient feels very low.
4: May have pain around the lungs.
But you should check it first from your doctor. As lung cancer are also of many types.
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I was told that I have CO PD.  I also have asthma.  How do I know for sure if I do have CO PD if my doctor hasn't run any tests to confirm that I do.  I am concerned about this and don't feel that I should be treated for something that I may not have.  What should I do from here?  Should I see another doctor to seek tests for this?  I have quit smoking because of this.  What should I do?
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My mom also has high white blood cell count and has a tumor in her lung, so the tests of the white blood cell count led to a chest x-ray which found the tumor.

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