What Are The Stages Of An Eclamptic Fit?


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The following are the stages on an eclamptic fit:

1. The Premonitory stage: (lasts 10 – 20 seconds) the mother is restless and rapid eye movements can be noted. The head may be drawn to one side and twitching of the facial muscles may occur. The mother has no perception of the impending fit and shows altered awareness.

2. The Tonic stage: (lasts 10 – 20 seconds) the muscles of the mother's body go into spasm and become rigid and her back may become arched. Her teeth will become tightly clenched and her eyes staring. As the diaphragm is in spasm, the mother's respiration is checked and cyanosis enues.

3. The Clonic stage: (lasts 60 – 90 seconds) violent contraction and intermittent relaxation of the mother's muscles produces convulsive movements and these may be very severe. Salivation increases and foaming at the mouth occurs. This will be blood stained if the mother bites her tongue during this episode.

The mother's face becomes congested and bloated and the features become distorted. She is unconscious, breathing stertorous and her pulse full and bounding. Gradually the convulsion subsides.

4. Stage of Coma: Stertorous breathing continues and coma may persist for minutes or hours. Further convulsions may occur before te other regains consciousness.

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