My Skin Feels Very Tender And Sore To Touch. It Comes And Goes. At Times It Will Last A Day & Other Times For Days. The Tenderness Moves To Different Parts Of My Body. My Skin Feels Like It's Got Sunburn. There Is No Rash Involved?


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As with any medical problem, it is always best and advisable to visit your GP and explain the problem, as it is impossible to diagnose without seeing the symptoms or being able to take any relevant tests. Write down a list of symptoms as and when you notice them, and include details of anything which may have occurred that day (e.g. If you have been swimming, what foods you have eaten etc.) take this list when you visit your GP as this may give them an idea of what is triggering the problem.

As it comes and goes at different times, it may be an allergy or a reaction to something you use frequently but not on a daily basis. For example, if you use a different washing powder for different wash types, if you use bubble bath as a treat or it may even be linked to certain foods you eat. A doctor would be able to test you for food intolerances and would be able to see what type of allergy it is most likely to be based on its location and frequency.

Other explanations could include skin problems such as a bad case of eczema (dry, sore, itchy skin although usually with a rash), psoriasis (although again a rash is usually visible), fibromyalgia (this causes pain all over the body and can also cause headaches, difficulty sleeping and IBS), post herpetic neuralgia (this is nerve pain which continues in the body after someone has suffered from shingles). These are only a small number of possibilities and, as previously mentioned, I would strongly advise you visit your doctor and explain your symptoms to ensure you are correctly diagnosed and get the best treatment available. Skin complaints are usually easily treated and you will probably be given advice or a cream to help soothe the burning feeling.

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