How Long Can I Live After Surgery To Remove Left Lung With Cancer.


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Susie M. answered
It depends if you have no spread to other body parts.If that is the only place, & your other lung is in good shape, you have a good chance to live normal life. If it was spread, you will need chemo & possibly radiation. Also, they usually only do surgery in stages 1 & 2..
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If you have cancer in one of the lungs and it is not spreaded in other parts of your body, you can remove the lung and live a very healthy life. All you need to do is to care about your diet and excercise.
JANEY KIRK answered
Hey, if you have cancer at all at any age then it is a sure sign your immune system is severely first thing is to get on a real healthy diet, supplements and lypo spheric vitamin c NOW. Don't think for a minuite you stand a good chance of survival just cause they can remove the infected lung...what causes the cancer to return IS THE CHEMO AND must log onto www world without cancer NOW. NOW and you will see what I'm on about..the orthodox doctors simply try and burn or cut out tumours,,whereas the alternative docs get to the actul fermentation of the cancer, thus managing to reverse the cancer at any given stage...but this usually doesnt happen too well if the person has already had the chemo and or the radio treatment as it just suppresses the immune system even further and usually doesnt ever recover as the body can't teke in any vital nutrients due to the chemo effects on the body...Most people die of the chemo and radio treatments,,but on their death certificate they still say they died of cancer,,what a load of crap..please go the world without cancer sire right away if you want to live

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