How Long Can One Live With Cervical Cancer?


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The answer to that depends on how far the cancer has progressed, the health of your immune system, and the skill of the physicians. Nowadays in the UK there is a tendency to go for overkill with chemotherapy regardless of the devastating consequences to the patient's immune system. The immune system is the body's defence against abnormal cells, including cancer cells, so it's of paramount importance to bear that in mind before embarking on a course of treatment.
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The answer would depend on what stage the cervical cancer is found. While a stage 1 cancer has a 92% 5 yr survival rate, a stage 4 cancer has a 15-20%. Keep in mind a 5 yr survival rate means the percentage of women who live at least 5 yrs after diagnosis. Many women live much longer than 5 years, depending of course on the stage the cancer was diagnosed at. Hope this answers your question.
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My mum got cervical cancer shes had it for 5 months they have stoped treatment

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