What Are The Differences Between The Symptoms Of Throat Cancer Related To Head And Neck And The Throat Cancer Which Is Related To The Esophagus?


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In medical terms, it is said that throat cancer is not a specific term for a cancer because there are many types of throat cancers. There are many parts which are connected with the throat; the head and neck and the esophagus.

The mucosal lining of the upper aero digestive tract, which includes the throat parts inside the neck including hypopharynx, larnyx and oropharynx, is the place where the head and injury cancer starts and prevails. This includes the lip, nasal cavity and the mouth as well. They often spread when the lymph nodes get enlarged in the neck which is the early symptom of this cancer. Thus making all the related parts such as the lip, mouth, nasal cavity, paranasal sinuses larnyx or the voice box to get affected and have tumors which makes it difficult for the person to talk and eat.

The muscular tube responsible for carrying the food down to the stomach from the pharynx, which runs through the neck and chest, is the place where esophageal cancer starts and prevails, starting off from the mucosal lining of the esophagus. The first symptom of this type of cancer is extreme difficulty and pain in swallowing food. Hard solid food can not be taken in, but if the person is given a liquid diet, it does not cause much pain. Thus it causes the person to lose weight and the person will start having a very husky voice. Presence of tumor will cause severe vomiting and nausea and the person will end up in aspiration of food.

Thus it is very important to take care of such patient, especially of their diet other wise it can lead to major stomach infections as well.

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