Why Does Herpes Have A Psychological And Social Effect On A Person?


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A person who is infected with the Herpes disease often ends up having a bad psychological effect on him and the disease even contributes in affecting his social life. It can have an severe affect on a person's mental well being because it triggers his sexual relationship with the partner.

Once the disease is diagnosed, many people end up in many mental conditions and just want to be away from the rest of the world. A large number of Herpes patients end up in depression and avoid from seeing or meeting people.

They have a fear of rejection, especially by their romantic partners, friends and colleagues. Especially if the person is young and studying in a college, it can be really bad for his image if other students get to know about the disease. Thus they are kept in isolation from other people, who are afraid they might catch the disease too and people stop meeting him.

The fear of other people finding out about a person having the disease, is a big mental torture it self. They shut themselves out from the rest of the world and come in major complex. People even try to commit suicide that have an increased amount of depression.

Herpes disease can break up couples too as it affects sexual relationships of two partners. Many partners fear of getting the disease from their infected partners and they decide to leave them in this condition.
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My daughter refuses to admit that she is infected with the virus accepts no responsibility for infecting her partner, and has taken to having relationships with men she's recently begun to pick up, not bothering to check their history, criminal records or relationships with other people, now this is/was a person of above average intellect, yet in an effort to fit in and think herself suitable, she 's approaching this from a perspective of maybe I'll infect someone who will become a life partner, or take my life., She goes from looking well to looking sick.

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