Can The Herpes Virus Eventually Turn Into HIV?


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The Herpes viruses are type of HPV virus. There are 30 species of this virus which are STD. The HIV is another type of virus. These two viruses are totally different and their transmission and significance is also different. So, the Herpes virus can not turn in to HIV.
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In the last two weeks I've had this uncomfortable pain in my groin area on the right side.  It isn't a bad pain it's as though something is pressing on other organs and I've been going to the toilet frequent but not every min.  When I do go to wee a min later I get the urge to go again but it's only like drops.  I am a person that can hold my wee for quit some time so I felt that it was strange me going to the toilet.  Also the feeling in my stomach feels like something a low like pushing down so I'm getting abit worried.  As I've said that the feeling I'm getting as if something pushing down I have look in the entrance of my Virgina and it looks like something is covering the entrance a roundish kind of shape also the skin feels thick and looks thick too. Before I notice the strange thing covering the virginal entrance I went to my Doctor she tested my urine with a stripe of paper, which she said I might have urine infection, but I'm not covinced as to why am I getting these pains in my stomach.

My doctor gave me Trimethoprim 200mg to take I didn't take them strait away as I wasn't convinced of the diaognosis but I've now started to take them one twice a day.

I am really getting worried more now of what's covering the entrance to my Virgina.  Can I have thiybriods or could my bladder or womb have fallen..please help?
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I had the same symptoms for years and all my Dr's were diagnosising me with UTI's. I finally asked my new Dr. To test me for Herpes because that is a test that no one gives unless you ask for it. Low and behold that is what I have and what has been causing the pains all this time. Please ask you Dr. To test you for this ASAP. It is a painful thing to find out, but it is a reality.

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