How Can You Tell If You Have Skin Cancer?


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It is impossible to tell if you have skin cancer or not, without first consulting your doctor. Skin sores which have not healed, bumps on the skin which are becoming larger, and any changes in existing moles on the body, are all symptoms of skin cancer. Often, the growth is removed if you do have one, and it will be examined under a microscope. This will help them to see if the growth is a skin lesion or cancer. The procedure can usually be done within the doctor's office under local anaesthetic so you cannot feel anything.

In order to reduce the risk of getting skin cancer, it is always better to cover up in the sun and wear adequate protection. People with fair skin and freckles need to be extra careful, and although uncommon, sunbeds can also cause skin cancer so make sure you are not overdoing it on one. If you do notice any changes in your skin, it is always worth checking it with a doctor out just in case. It is better to be safe than sorry!
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I have an area on the left side of my nose that looks like a blister about the size of a dime. It is slightly white in color and it has been there about a month. Should I be concerned about skin cancer. I am 65 years old white female.
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Go to a doctor!!!!!
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Stop asking if something is cancer! If yr not sure just ask yr doctor thats what they r there for
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I have a spot on my temple area on my face  it shows up as a black color
   I can wipe it off but it keeps coming back black again it's about a 1/4 inch

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