Can You Tell Me Something About Gall Bladder Surgery?


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Goodness - you have certainly had a full plate lately! Quite frequently gastric bypass seems to have a side effect of causing problems with the gallbladder (from my observation). Now that you have had your surgery for the gallbladder and you are dealing with the issues after both surgeries plus the pregnancy, you need to be particularly careful for the baby's sake. Talk to your OB/GYN for suggestions for remedies for your symptoms that would be safe for your little one while still giving you some relief. The gas could be solved with some anti-gas pills, but talk to the MD. Also, some of your pain could be a result of the little one growing and putting pressure on the inside of your abdomen - check with both your surgeon and OB/GYN on that. Best of luck to you both - and I hope you feel well soon!
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Your surgeon should have told you that you will experience bouts of irregular gas pain and irregularity of bowel movements with certain foods. You will know what you can and cannot eat after experimentation. Try to avoid fatty foods like pizza, tomatoes, garlic and dairy products.

A bland diet for about 2-4 months should alleviate some of your issues.

The truth of the matter is even after several years from surgery, you will still have to watch what you eat.
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It will go away after a period of time as your body has to get used to digesting food with out the bile from the gall bladder.

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