Can Gall Bladder Disease Cause Weight Gain?


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Weight gain is not commonly associated with gallbladder disease, although there are some sources which claim it could be a potential symptom, and obesity is one of the main potential causes of gallbladder disease.

The function of the gallbladder is to store bile, which is made by the liver. This bile is then used to help with the digestion of fat in the intestine. The most common type of gallbladder disease is gallstones which are made up of excess cholesterol from the bile in the gallbladder. Therefore people with high cholesterol and obese people are at more risk of developing gallstones than others.

Although a lot of people with gallstones don’t show any symptoms. When symptoms do occur it is usually because the gallstones are obstructing the bile ducts. Common symptoms are biliary colic, acute cholecystitis and jaundice.

Biliary colic can be caused by eating fatty foods and manifests itself as inflammation of the gallbladder. It causes attacks of pain in the upper abdomen which can gradually get worse over the course of an hour before stabilising. This pain can then spread to the shoulder blades and can cause vomiting.

Acute cholecystitis is a more persistent pain which is usually caused by gallstones and leads to tenderness under the ribs and a temperature than can last over 12 hours. The pain can increase with coughing and movement.

Jaundice occurs when the flow of bile from the liver is obstructed and is identified by yellow eyes and skin, with skin sometimes becoming itchy.

It is unlikely that gallbladder disease will cause weight gain, but as every strain is different and manifests itself differently in every sufferer it is worth talking to your doctor if you are concerned.
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Gall bladder can cause some degree of weight gain. The gall bladder is unable to metabolize fat substances therefore the fat substances are distributed through out the body.
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The gallbladder surgical procedures might be done in 2 competent techniques: Open surgical procedure and laparoscopic surgical treatment. Quite a few doctors and people recommend the laparoscopic surgical procedures mainly due to the fact it truly is much less high risk and actually leaves scaled-down scars. The laparoscopic surgery is completed having a laparoscope. It truly is a medical instrument having a camera on it and it's in the shape of a tube. Mainly because the incisions on your laparoscopic surgical treatment are much smaller the healing rate is a lot quicker.

In case you notice gall bladder disfunction or when you really feel any of the gall bladder disease indicators, be certain to consult your physician as soon as probable. It could be treated effectively in various ways, and this is the reason why the gall bladder disease shouldn’t be neglected. If neglected it might trigger some significant wellness complications.
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The gall bladder symptoms are abdominal pain, abdominal fullness, nausea, vomiting, fever, chills, heartburn and indigestion. Some scientists also include the constipation and weight gain as the symptoms of gall bladder problems. The treatment of gall bladder problem is surgery. For more details, visit Gall bladder disease.
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Yes Gall bladder causes weight gain. Gall bladder is unable to
metabolize fat substances therefore the fat substances are distributed
through out the body.

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