I Had Gall Bladder Surgery 5 Days Ago And Still Having Pain, Fatigue, Constipation. Is This Normal?


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I had the same surgery too, my gall bladder quit functioning, and took a long time to diagnose. I was very ill before the surgery. After 4 weeks, I'm just now starting to feel human and working on my energy. The constipation may be due to the pain pills and anesthesia. I went from that to diarrhea and has finally worked itself out. I've heard of some people with a quick recovery and I've read of many that say don't count on being close to 100% for a good 6-8 weeks. Take your time and don't over do it. There's much pressure from those few lucky folks that claim they are fine after a week. I think so much has to do how you were feeling before hand and if the gallbladder was infected, etc...

Just remember to go with how you feel. If your still in pain, pay attention to it. I try to do a little something more each day and I'm finally doing better. Take care!
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I had my gall bladder removal with many stones, was infected and caused a lot of pain. I'm now 5 days after surgery and feeling tired, sore little energy. Is this normal 60 years old

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It's major surgery.  It's normal to have pain where your gall bladder used to be and also at the incision sites.  The sites shouldn't have pus or be red or hot.  Fatigue is also normal.  The constipation is a common side effect of pain meds. 

You shouldn't have a fever, feel nauseous, have dark urine or severe abdominal pain.  Call your surgeon right away!

You should have a followup with surgeon soon anyway to check your incisions.  If you have any concerns, call the surgeon's office.  There will be a nurse you can talk to and he or she can tell you if you are experiencing something out of the normal.

I had this surgery and bounced back right away, but I was 51.  Give yourself time.

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Pain after Gall bladder surgery is natural. It is only 5 days old lesion and require time to heal up. Your fatigue is due due to anesthesia used during surgery. Constipation can be treated after your lesion will be healed.

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