I Have Dizziness And Nausea With Diabetes. Why?


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Dizziness could mean that your blood sugar is too low.

Nausea could mean that its too high. When your blood sugar is too high you get key-tones in your urine. Too much key-tones gives you keytoacidosis. Which basically means you know have poison in your system. And that's what can make you nauseous.
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I do not know why, But my first guess would be it may well be the medications you are taking.  The first step I would take would be report all symptoms to your health care provider. He or she can not read minds and if you do not tell them how you feel they will never know.  I also  go to one of the better web sites and look up the medicine I am taking which will describe all side effects. Just know the difference between what you really feel and what may be all in your mid. I frequently use www.mayoclinic.com There are also others.
I have diabetes too...and I think that your blood sugar is low thats why you have it.don't you have a blood sugar meter or something to check out???Every diabetec have one!
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I would ask WHY you are on a website for answers to serious medical questions instead of hightailing it to a doctor.  I know from experience these symptoms with diabetes can be serious - life threatening serious.  So get off the computer and go to your doctor or the hospital.

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