Is It Common To Have A Severe Gagging Cough That Leads To Vomiting, With GERD?


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I am assuming you are saying that you have had an endoscopy (where they look down your throat and into the stomach)? What my doctor found was that I had erosions in my esophagus - some were "active," but some had healed over and I had scar tissue. Both types of erosions were causing me the same trouble. I also had trouble swallowing as my food was getting stuck in the esophagus and below the trachea. I, too, had a chronic cough often causing me to gag or throw up. The doctor prescribed a double dose of Nexium, and when the "active" erosions healed over to some extent, he "blew" the passageway open, similar to what they do for the blood vessels. I'll be on Nexium forever, but as my throat healed, my cough went away.

I also had a sleep study done, and am now on a machine with a mask that blows air while I sleep. This has allowed me to sleep without coughing.

I'm still going to have to have the procedure done, on occasion, to spread open the esophagus, but I am very much better.

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