How To Cure A Infected Arm?


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In the old days people would get rid of a infection.and this is no joke.with maggots.maggots was placed in the infectious area and covered up in a week or so.The maggots would eat all the infection.Some people still do this today.
1 how bad is the infection I have worked with patients with gangrene.
2 keep it clean,apply a ointment,such as antibiotic creme and it would help a lot to take antibiotics by mouth.
3If its a abcess,I mean keep it very clean covered up with a iodine solution most hospitals carry. But the main thing is smell the infection
If it has a bad odor get to the hospital as soon as possible
and the best to use is called linezolid its a antibiotic for a bad infectiuos arm,leg,foot.
This is nothing to let mom lost her limb from stepping on glass and a infection set in. Within 3 days she had gangrene and the infection was just on her toe.she has passed now but I will  never forget the doctor telling me she would have died then if I had not got her in on that 3rd day.I don't know how bad your infection is.So I'm trying to cover the least to the most.I had a hole in my leg I treated my self. I noticed a smell coming from it went to the emergency room was admitted and treated for it. So I almost had a leg removed.its not how bad it looks septis sets in the blood stream goes to the heart and will kill you.I hope its not bad and by now you have had medical attention.
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If it is really infected you need to see the doctor for antibiotic treatment. If it the area is swollen, red ,warm to touch, and you have a fever it is good sign it is infected. If you are talking about your whole arm, get to the doctor IMMEDIATELY! Best wishes:)
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Tracy333 good answer she gave you the basic symptoms short and sweet i applaud her.and she is right

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