My Eyesight Is Weak By -7. What Can I Do To Get Better?


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If you are a -7, you have to either correct by Laser Vision, a reputable center only! Like TLC or wear good corrective lenses! Please don't shop around for the cheapest Lasik, I know someone with a higher number than you who had Cheap Lasik surgery and now has permanent damage to her eyes! You only get one set of eyes, don't risk it for saving a little money!
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You can correct and improve your eyesight by a large extent by doing various pranayams and yogic exercises....Anulom- vilom and Kapal bhati aur two of the pranayams for weak it and ull find some links regarding them...Also eat food which is rich in vitamin a, ....try and stay away from the idiot box as much as ucan...while studying always wash your eyes after sometime...also if possible try to avoid studying on computers and freaking too much onto it.
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You can check your eyes to some eye specialist and go for a laser treatment of your eyes. It will totally recover your eye sight. It is also cheap.
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Good vitamin A is needed ,the sources are carrot, spinach
which is good for eyesight

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